Former ESPN President Questions Tom Brady Contract: Fans React

Tom Brady is still playing in the National Football League, but whenever he’s done, he’ll move into a broadcasting role at FOX.

According to reports, Brady landed a $375 million broadcasting contract with Fox Sports.

Former ESPN president John Skipper is questioning that.

“There’s very little economic value,” former ESPN president John Skipper said last week on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “He’s a very, very, very expensive trophy.”

There’s probably very little “economic value” with most top sports announcers. But there’s so much money being thrown around with these TV contracts, that the networks get into bidding wars with each other.

“Uh yea. Because he’s not even remotely worth that kind of money. Literally not a single on-air person is,” one fan tweeted.

“Yet, if he was still running ESPN he would of matched the offer without blinking,” another fan predicted.

“Outside of a reincarnated John Madden, I don’t think anyone would add enough value to fulfill that contract,” one fan added.

How do you see Brady faring as a broadcaster?


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