Virat Kohli Biography : History of Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Biography – Virat Kohli, about whom who does not know. Who is the legendary player of Indian cricket team. After Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Indian cricket team, the player who has strengthened the Indian cricket team and made his mark. That is Virat Kohli, who has carved a niche for himself in every child’s heart with his stellar performance in cricket.

He is called the back bone of Indian cricket, as he is a right handed international cricketer and one of the most talented and promising cricketers. At present, Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian cricket team as well as the style icon of hundreds of youth.

Information about Virat Kohli – Virat Kohli History

Virat Kohli Biography : The legendary cricketer of the Indian cricket team was born on 5 November 1988 in a Punjabi family in Delhi. Her father Prem Kohli who was a criminal advocate and her mother’s name is Saroj Kohli who is a simple housewife and takes care of her family. Apart from this, Virat Kohli also has an elder brother Vikas and elder sister Bhavna.

Let us tell you that when Virat Kohli was only three years old. Since then, Virat’s favorite toy had a cricket bat. As the age of Virat grew, his inclination towards cricket went on increasing.

At the same time, Virat’s father had understood Virat’s interest from the beginning. That’s why he used to take Virat everyday for cricket training.

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Education of Virat Kohli – Virat Kohli Education

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli had his early education from Vishal Bharti Public School, Delhi. Virat was average in his studies, but his entire focus was always on cricket. Due to which Virat’s father had enrolled in the cricket club at the age of just 9. So that Virat Kohli can find out about the nuances of cricket.

From the very beginning, Virat had a focus on cricket. At the same time, due to his interest in sports only, he got education only till 12th and after that he started concentrating completely on cricket. Let us tell you that he learned Delhi cricket from Raj Kumar Sharma and played the first match in the academy named Sumit Dongra.
Career of Virat Kohli – Virat Kohli Career

Virat Kohli is a right-handed batsman who played in the Under-15 competition in the year 2002. After this, in the year 2006, Virat Kohli was selected in Under Seventeen. After which many changes were seen in his way of playing. After this, in the year 2008, Virat Kohli was selected for the Under-19 competition.

Let us tell you that Virat Kohli’s Under-19 World Cup match took place in Malaysia and he got India to win in this match. After this match, Virat was selected for the One Day International match. He played this match against Sri Lanka. And then in 2011 he got a chance to play in the World Cup and India won in that too. After this he went on to play matches one after the other and now he is counted among the best batsmen and now he is famous as a well-known player in the world of cricket.

Virat Kohli One Day International Match Career – Virat Kohli One Day Match Career

Virat Kohli Biography : Let us tell you that in the year 2011, Virat Kohli had made his place in the Test match, after which he started betting in the ODI at 6th place. During this, he also had to face defeat in two consecutive matches but he never got disappointed with his defeat, rather he learned from his defeat and he continued to prove himself better and in the subsequent match he scored 116 runs. At the same time, India could not win that match but became the only Indian cricketer to score a century.

Not only this, after this Virat Kohli won the match in 2 out of 7 matches against Australia and Sri Lanka in the Commonwealth Bank Triangular Series. At the same time, there was a target of 321 runs against Sri Lanka to go to its final, out of which Virat Kohli scored 133 runs to win India and won the man of the match title.

Seeing the consistent performance of Virat Kohli, he was getting opportunities one game after the other. He was selected as the Vice-Captain for the Asia Cup in the year 2012. During this, there was also talk of making Virat the captain of the Indian cricket team.

It was said that if Virat continues to perform in cricket like this, he will be made the captain of the Indian cricket team in future. And later he was also chosen as the captain of the Indian Indian team.

Let us tell you that in the One Day International match against Pakistan, he scored 183 runs in 148 balls. And made a record of 330 runs by performing well in this match and he was once again made the match of the match.

Career of Virat Kohli in the Indian Premier League (IPL) – Virat Kohli IPL Career

Virat Kohli Biography : Virat Kohli played the first match of IPL in 2008. During that time, Virat was bought for the team of Royal Challengers, Bangalore (RCB) for 20 lakh rupees. He then scored 165 runs in 13 matches and had an average of 15.

In the year 2009, he had taken RCB to the final, in that case Anil Kumble also praised Virat Kohli fiercely. But till now Virat’s name was not permanent in the Indian team.

Virat Kohli’s performance in IPL in 2014 was not special. He played at an average of just 37. During this time MS Dhoni took retirement from Test captaincy. After which the captaincy of the Test was handed over to Virat Kohli.

As captain, Virat Kohli performed his responsibility well and started strengthening his team. After this, in 2015, he was successful in breaking the record of 500 runs.


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