Who was Nikola Tesla? Biography of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist. He has contributed greatly to the inventions of Thomas Edison. Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in the Austrian state (now Croatia). He later acquired US citizenship.

He is said to be the person who decorated the earth with light. Tesla’s fame is due to his unprecedented contributions to the field of modern alternating current (AC) power supply systems. Tesla’s various patents and theoretical works have proved to be the basis for the development of wireless communications and radio. Many of his revolutionary developments in the field of electromagnetism were based on Michael Faraday’s principles of electrical technology.

Nikola Tesla Life Journey :

Tesla was born on 10 July 1856 in the Austrian Empire (present-day Croatia) to Serbian parents Milutin Tesla and Duka Tesla. In 1870, Nikola Tesla joined Karlovac’s school and was influenced by Martin Sekulik, his math teacher at that school. Tesla was able to solve the questions of Integral Calculus in his own mind at that time.

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His teachers did not believe in him, but he completed his four-year course in three years. In 1875 he joined the Austrian Polytechnic, and in his first year he attended all classes, passed nine examinations, and obtained the best possible quality in all.

In 1881, he took a job as Chief Electrical Engineer in Budapest Telegraph Company, a telegraph company in Budapest. In this post, he made many improvements in the central communication equipment and made the telephone amplifier in a new form. But he did not apply for a patent on it.

In 1882, he took a job in Thomas Alva Edison’s company, the Continental Edison Company, France and began to improve the design of electrical equipment. In June 1884, he was transferred to New York America. Tesla proposed to Edison to make his motor and generator more effective. Edison told Tesla that if he was successful in this task, he would get fifty thousand dollars. Tesla did so, but Edison reneged on his promise. Edison ridiculed Tesla by calling his promise American Humor, Tesla left Edison in anger.

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After leaving Edison’s company, he founded his own company, Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing. In this company he designed dynamo electric machine commutator. This is his no. Ra. It was the first patent in America. After initially working in a few companies, Tesla worked in the “Continental Edison Company” in Paris. In the meantime he developed a few different types of dynamo. That’s when he got a chance to work with the great inventor of America, Thomas Alva Edison. He took Edison’s company to new heights, but soon the two had a dispute, largely over the power distribution system.

Some important discoveries of Nikola Tesla:

  • AC power.
  • Tesla Waves
  • Electric motor. (On which everything in electricity is based.)
  • Wireless communication.
  • Robotics, remote control, radar.

Nikola Tesla and Edison:

The achievements of Nikola Tesla were no less than that of Edison. But this quiet man did not have the magnetic attraction that Edison had. Tesla understood science, but did not understand social behavior, so he could never achieve the fame that Edison got. His enmity with Edison was a topic of discussion throughout the science world. Although he also worked for Edison.

Nikola Tesla proposed to Edison to make his motor and generator more effective. Edison told Tesla that if he was successful in this task, he would get fifty thousand dollars. Tesla did so, but Edison reneged on his promise. Edison mocked Nikola Tesla by calling his promise American Humor, in anger Nikola Tesla left Edison.

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It was time for Edison’s DC current to fight Tesla’s AC current. Edison used every resource to create fear of alternating current. He even frightened an elephant with the destructive power of alternating current by hitting it in front of the public. But electricity could reach every house only by alternating current, and in the end Nikola Tesla won.

Edison’s invented DC power distribution system was in force in America at that time. DC i.e. Direct Current is such an electric current that always flows in the same direction. Like the current produced by an electric cell. Tesla drew people’s attention to the shortcomings of DC and talked about implementing an AC power distribution system.

AC i.e. Alternating Current is constantly changing its direction. The specialty of this current is that its voltage can be increased by the transformer and sent over a long distance. Whereas this is not possible in DC. Also, AC driven motors and other devices consume less electricity than DC.

Since the DC system was very widespread by that time and the Edison company was making DC equipment only, Edison opposed this new system. As a result, Tesla said goodbye to his company and founded a new company with industrialist George Westing House, which put the utility of AC current in front of the world.

Nikola Tesla discovered the principle of cyclic magnetic field. Another important invention of his is the AC electric motor, which completely marginalized the DC power system. He built the first water electric power station at Niagara Falls, after which AC power distribution system was accepted not only in America but all over the world.

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In 1887, Nikola Tesla made an induction motor running on alternating current (AC Current), this invention opened the way to success for Nikola Tesla. In the years that followed, Tesla and Edison fought the famous DC current war with Tesla’s AC current. In the end, Tesla’s AC current prevailed because this method was suitable for the conduction of electricity over long distances. Tesla is believed to have discovered the X-ray in 1895–96, which preceded Rantzen’s 1996 discovery, but a fire in his laboratory destroyed all the equipment.

Marconi is considered the inventor of the radio. But the fact that even Tesla contributed to this invention is no less. He gave the theory that radio waves could be sent all over the world through the outer ionosphere of the atmosphere. He also invented the Tesla rod used in the radio, and he also had a long trial with Marconi over the original inventor of the radio. He gave the idea of ​​wireless power supply which later became the basis of laser rays.

In one of his presentations, he stunned everyone by creating millions of volts of lightning. Once he recorded some unknown signals on his instrument Teslascope, which according to him were being sent from another planet. During an experiment at Colorado Falls between 1899 and 1900, he was astonished by the creation of an artificial lightning lightning. Nikola Tesla received 300 patents in his lifetime. Apart from this, there are many such inventions made by Tesla, which they did not patent.

Tesla’s personal life:

Nikola Tesla worked every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and had dinner at exactly 8:10 pm. After that, I used to start working again till 3:00 in the morning. Tesla used to walk 8-10 miles daily for exercise. In the last days of his life, he had become a complete vegetarian and used to take milk, bread and honey vegetable juice in the food. Tesla claimed that two hours of sleep was enough for him, but he also took naps in the middle of his work.

Nikola Tesla had studied many books and is believed to have a remarkable memory. He was proficient in eight languages, which include Serbo-Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Latin. Tesla was unmarried and believed that his celibacy had been instrumental in his scientific achievements. He had said in an interview that by not getting married, he had made a sacrifice for science.


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