Winter tips for heart patients: These 5 things are important for heart patients

Winter tips for heart patients: The Winter season is not only troublesome for asthma patients, but heart patients also need to be very careful during this season. In fact, in winter, the blood vessels constrict, which also affects the arteries that supply blood to the heart. Therefore, heart patients are at increased risk of a heart attack during this season. Know 5 important precautions…

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To avoid this, avoid going to a very cold environment. If you go out in the cold, then go out wearing woolen clothes well and wearing a cap on the head, so that the body remains warm and there is no constriction in the blood vessels.

Winter tips for heart patients: Do not eat high-fat things and consume cigarettes, alcohol, etc. at all. This can narrow the blood vessels and cause problems with proper blood circulation to the heart. Apart from this, pressure can also build up.
Do walk 3-4 km in the morning and evening. It has many advantages. Not only will the blood circulation be better, but the body will remain warm and there will be no fat deposition, which proves to be dangerous.

Reduce salt intake. Use butter and ghee in limited quantities. It is very important for you to control blood pressure and prevent fat deposition.

Avoid taking stress. Enjoy the warm sunshine but don’t let your head get too hot. Heat the heat when it gets too cold, but from a distance.

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